Live in Place Design Consultation for Your Forever Home

Who Will Benefit From This Consultation

  • Homeowners in their 40s or 50s who are thinking about moving an elderly parent into their home.
  • Recent retirees who are now looking at what’s next for them
  • Family members with cognitive or physical limitations.
  • Multi-generational families living under one roof

Situations That May Require Home Modifications
Accidents (transportation-related or sports/hobby-related) resulting permanent disabilities. An unexpected or chronic medical condition, such as arthritis. Stroke and other cardiovascular diseases. Degenerative muscle diseases. Loss of sight or hearing. Memory issues. Children who are moving back home (multi-generational living). An older adult who is requiring extra care.
What is "Living in Place" All About
"Living in Place" is about empowering an individual to remain actively engaged and autonomous while being free to make your own choices with independence to improve their quality of life.
“Living in Place”  means striving to find ways to enable people of all ages and abilities to live their best lives.
Plan For The Future - Plan For Your Forever Home
Style For Life Interiors serves as a guide for anyone, but specifically for aging adults and people with disabilities to continue living independently, comfortably, and safely while experiencing purpose, meaning, and growth in their own homes.  We can achieve this by implementing living-in-place modifications that will benefit everyone, all ages and all abilities!
The best part? You can stay in your own home forever!
When working with a Certified Living in Place Professional, your home doesn't look like an institutionalized space - no institutional-looking grab bars, clunky shower seats in the bathroom, unsightly mobility aids, and the looming fear of what comes after. Instead, your home remains welcoming and stylish. One that can make everyday living better for everyone while complying with or exceeding ADA guidelines.
How Do We Make it Possible to Live in Place?
We listen and simplify the decision process with unbiased guidance and customized solutions.
Our Process (based on client needs)

  • Introductory Call
  • 90-Minute in-home consultation
  • Home assessment
  • Special needs assessment - can be based on interviews with family members, physicians, or therapists.
  • Design recommendations - can be based on interviews with family members, physicians, or therapists.
  • List of product recommendations
  • Timelines for implementation (immediate, soon, or future)
  • Limited consulting time with contractors, builders, or remodelers.

Although we cannot plan for accidents, we can prepare for the future and the best time to plan to "live in place" is while you are still healthy.