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Online Design Service

Online Design is perfect for you if:
You don't want to waste your weekend shopping or searching Pinterest.
You have no idea what to do or where to start. You want a plan that you can easily follow!
You want your friends to come over and drool over your décor. Unfortunately, you live outside our service area but would love Styled for Life interiors to create your dream room!
You want to complete your room on your own, but you need a plan!
Style for Life Interiors Full Service Design isn't in your budget.
Let's Begin:

  • Book your Introductory Call before purchasing.
  • Purchase the package after the call
  • Answer the "Questionnaire" to get a little more information on your project, upload any photos of your space and any inspiration pictures if you have some.
  • Book your "Appointment" for the Virtual Call.

We'll have a video chat, and I'll learn about how you live and what you like.
Online Design Includes: up to 15 hours to complete the plan
Design Phase:

  • Complete Specifications of all furnishings & décor that'll work for YOU
  • Floor plans & Mood Boards (so you can picture the finished space, and you'll KNOW everything will fit.
  • One revision (if needed)
  • Complete clickable product List
  • Detailed instructions and drawings so that you know exactly where and how to place and/or hang every item from the Product List

Implementation Phase:
You will be able to do the ordering right from your clickable links easily

  • Order all of the Product List on your own directly from your clickable Proposal
  • Receive and assemble all of the product
  • You follow the simple, detailed instructions and drawings for placing/hanging every item on the Product List.
  • ENJOY your professionally designed and personalized space!

Price is per space. If needed, you can add additional spaces at a lower rate, which we will determine on an as-needed basis.