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Staged to Sell or Rent Consultation

Who Can Benefit From This Package?

  • Homeowners ready to sell
  • Builders
  • Developers
  • Vacation rental owners
  • Corporate Relocation Specialists
  • Renovators
  • Remodelers
  • Real estate professionals
  • Property Flippers

For Those Needing Vacant Home Staging Advice:
Home staging is an art designed to show off a space in its best light. Professional home stagers understand the current market—from flooring that’ll make buyers swoon to paint colors that can make you money. They can even help maximize each room so that the coziest nook feels downright spacious.
With vacant rooms, it's all about warming up the spaces and not leaving them empty. Many people don't even consider staging an empty property because it can be cost-prohibitive. But, at the same time, walking into an empty space can give off cold lonely vibes. However, fully furnished won't be an option, so creativity becomes paramount in creating the right "welcome home" feeling, and that's what we are all about.
For The Vacation Rental Owner
Let us show you how to create the most desirable rental on the market, and that doesn't always mean spending a bucket load of money. Instead, we'll give you all the pointers necessary to create a 5-star feel that will have your rental property the talk of the town without a big cash outlay!
For The Homeowner Who Is Ready to Sell:
Let us be your buyer's eyes and provide you with helpful ideas that will improve the sale of your home. We will tour the inside and outside of your home together and tell you what needs attention. We will offer advice on the most cost-effective ways to improve the overall appearance so you can make the sale and garner a premium price.
What You Can Expect From This Service
Like any other project, we start with a 15-minute FREE Introductory Call that includes a brief questionnaire to get us started. After the call, if we are a fit, purchase the package and give us more in-depth information about the project to be better prepared for the on-site visit and consultation, then book an appointment that works with your schedule.
At the on-site visit, we walk the property and discuss the options. This is a working session, so I’ll be taking notes, photos, and possibly some measurements, if necessary, to refer back to.
Although I give a lot of design direction at the site, I follow up every visit with notes and suggestions for you to continue without our involvement. However, if you need us to become more involved in the process, we offer many options to make the decision easy.
What We Include With This Package Depending On Your Needs:

  • A one-hour session.
  • On-site recommendations for styling with the least amount of out-of-pocket expense.
  • After the in-home and within 24-48 hours, you will receive a PDF file of items discussed, suggestions made, solutions provided, and……
  • Photos of items you can use in your staging, approximate cost, and where to buy them.

What We Don't Include :

  • Purchasing of any product
  • Drawings or Floor Plans

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